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Piper Meridian Aircraft Parts, Avionics, Maintenance & Interiors

The Piper Meridian is the most affordable and economical turboprop on the market. Priced at nearly $1 million less than any comparable turboprop and with 30% less operating costs than any competitor the Meridian represents a tremendous value.

The Piper Meridian is the ultimate in personal and business travel. The quality of the all metal construction combined with the durability of the Pratt and Whiney PT6A-42A engine makes the Meridian one of the most reliable and efficient aircraft available. Passengers will enjoy the luxurious six place cabin seating. The experience of the air conditioned, pressurized cabin is enhanced by the low vibration and noise levels of the turboprop engine. The high level of comfort offered by the Piper Meridian makes even the longest cross country flights enjoyable.

The Garmin G1000 avionics suite offers features that were previously reserved for larger corporate jets. Garmin has been able to integrate these features all while maintaining an intuitive user interface. After just a few hours behind this incredible avionics suite you will understand why Garmin has become the avionics manufacturer of choice.

The simplicity of the PT6A combined with the intuitive G1000 makes the Meridian a perfect aircraft for all pilots. The low level of complexity offers an easy transition from a complex piston engine aircraft and its performance/flight characteristics make the meridian desirable by even the highest time professional pilot.

  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A Flat Rated 500 SHP
  • Garmin G1000 Avionics Suite
  • Cruise Speed: 260 ktas
  • Range (45 Min Res): 1,000 nm
  • Useful Load: 1701 lbs.
  • Ceiling: 30,000 ft

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