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Avionics Solutions You Can Trust. 

We partner with highly reputable companies like Mid-Continent Instruments an Avionics and True Blue Power, who share our desire to put only the best products in your hands. 


Wireless Chargers

True Blue Power Wireless Chargers provide the thinnest charging module and most compact design, complete with standby, charging, charge complete and fault status indication. It's ideal for in-seat, cabin and cockpit applications and comes with a two-year limited warranty.


Lithium Ion Batteries for PC-12 (There’s an STC for this!)

The TB44 Advanced Lithium-ion Battery is engineered to deliver 40% weight savings and an overall lower cost of ownership, with 50–90% less scheduled maintenance cost, 2-year maintenance intervals, efficient engine starts and 2-3x longer useful battery life. The TB44 is ideal for the turbine market, including fixed-wing, rotorcraft, and emergency power applications.

USB Charging Ports

Upgrade your aircraft with the fastest charging, highest power USB chargers. New MAX Power TA360 charging ports feature the latest USB Power Delivery (PD) Technology to deliver 60 watts of power per port — 4X more power than traditional chargers.

Standby Attitude Models (SAM®)

SAM® delivers an easy-to-fit, compact design and selectable orientation (horizontal and vertical) like no other. It provides a convenient solution to software updates. Simply download the latest software to a USB drive and upgrade the unit on-site. It also features a rechargeable, field-replaceable battery that provides up to one hour of operation in the event of aircraft electrical power failure.

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