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NDT Inspections

Non-Destructive Testing at Western Aircraft

Aircraft are complex, interconnected systems built from a wide variety of materials that are subjected to significant stress during all stages of flight. While all systems require regular inspections, not all systems can be inspected using the same method. Our team of NAS 410 NDT-certified level II & III technicians is dedicated to improving flight safety and ensuring pilots, passengers, and crews are safe, both in the air and on the ground.

Western Aircraft - Maintenance - Non-destructive testingWe provide a combination of non-destructive testing services and inspection tools to help solve your aircraft integrity problems. On-site and off-site services available.

Eddy Current Inspections
Makes use of electromagnetic induction to detect and characterize surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

  • Conductivity testing
  • Sensitive to small cracks and other defects
  • Ability to inspect complex shapes and sizes of material
  • Minimum part preparation required
  • Usually no paint removal required
  • Immediate results

Magnetic Particle Inspections
Puts a magnetic field into the part in question to detect surface and shallow sub-surface discontinuities in ferrous materials such as iron and steel.

  • Inspect irregularly shaped parts
  • Indications are visible directly on the material's surface
  • Detects cracking from fatigue, grinding, quenching, shrinkage, and stress corrosion
  • Detects tears and welding defects
  • Portable yoke

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspections
A fluorescent dye is applied to the surface of a non-porous material in order to detect defects. Multiple forms of penetrant inspections are available to find defects in rolled products, castings, forging, and welds.

  • Solvent Removable: useful for small, localized areas
  • Water-Wash Removable: used for rough, uneven, and large surface areas
  • Fluorescent Dye: sensitive to smaller flaws and more reliable than other liquid penetrant inspection methods
  • Portable

Ultrasonic Inspections
Utilizes high frequency sound waves to conduct examinations and take measurements. Ultrasonic inspection can be used for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, material characterization, and more.

  • Sensitive to surface and near-surface defects
  • Depth penetration for flaw detection is superior to other NDT methods
  • Highly accurate in determining reflector position and estimating size and shape
  • Measures material thickness
  • Bond testing
  • Minimum part preparation is required

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and integrity of your aircraft. To learn more about our NDT services, and how we can help keep your wheels up, contact us today: 208-385-5124 | ndt@westair.com

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