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Nose to Tail, We’ve Got Your Pilatus Modifications Covered

We Know Pilatus Aircraft 

The PC-12 is one of the most versatile aircraft flying today; modifications available from Western Aircraft lend even more utility to the airplane.  We're not only the largest Pilatus dealership in the world but also an Authorized Pilatus Service Center; our technicians service nearly 150 PC-12 airframes every year. We. Know. Pilatus.

We offer world-class service and invaluable experience on PC-12 aircraft. Our extensive capabilities include:

  • The ability to completely modernize your PC-12 cockpit with the latest in Garmin avionics, including the G600TXi touchscreen flight displays, GTN[TM] 750Xi GPS navigator, GWX[TM] 75 digital weather radar, GFC[TM] 600 digital autopilot, and the EIS TXi display.
  • The PT6A-67P engine upgrade, which allows for increased horsepower, increased speed and climb performance.
  • The EDMO speed cowl enables higher torque settings without elevated ITTs, thus improving climb and cruise performance.
  • Our STC for the installation of the Gogo AVANCE L3 inflight WiFi platform for PC-12 aircraft allows users to browse secure connections such as corporate VPN access, email, social media, online search, and access online accounts for up to 25 devices at once, plus in-flight entertainment options. (more about that here!)
  • Customize your PC-12 to perfection with quality interior upgrades that will ensure your aircraft meets your beautifully unique needs.
  • 5- or 7-Blade Prop Upgrades increase the performance and ramp appeal of the PC-12.
  • LED lights enhance your aircraft’s visibility and safety, and reduce the need for frequent bulb replacements.
  • Ambulance configuration modifications equip your aircraft for critical medevac missions.
  • The lightweight Advent eABS anti-skid braking system optimizes the landing performance and braking/stopping capabilities of the PC-12, allowing the pilot to immediately apply full braking on all surfaces, safely and reliably, with full directional control and tactile feedback from the pedals.
  • Oasis by Airtext is an all-in-one, modern in-flight entertainment solution that enhances passenger experience through live information from internal dual channel satellite radios.

The Pulse of Your Pilatus.  

Taylor Billings is our Lead Technician for Pilatus PC-24 aircraft. As such, she leads maintenance inspections, helps with drop-in work and service bulletins, and attends to anything else that falls within the full spectrum of PC-24 maintenance work.

Taylor began working on PC-12s when she joined the Western Aircraft team, and jumped at the opportunity to work on PC-24s shortly after their release. She’s played an integral role in developing our PC-24 maintenance program.

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Taylor Got an Early Start in her Love for Aviation.

Taylor was raised in Las Vegas, and her parents took her to McCarran Airport to watch commercial airplanes take off and land. She remembers loving that from a very young age! When it was time to build her career, she combined this childhood passion with her enjoyment of tinkering with mechanical things and decided to become an A+P (Airframe + Powerplant) mechanic.

A Match Made at A+P School.

Taylor met her now-husband, Harley, when they started A+P school on the same day. In addition to sharing several classes, they also worked together at a local aviation company together outside of school, and became good friends along the way. When they finally started dating, their classmates joked they knew early on that Taylor and Harley were destined to be together.

Taylor, Why Do You Love Working on PC-24s?

“I enjoy the diverse challenges that comes with a newly developed aircraft, and the ability to have direct contact with the manufacturer and customers at any time.”

What Makes Western Aircraft’s Pilatus Program a Cut above the Rest?

She and her team work incredibly well together, which is a big reason for the success of our Pilatus program. She appreciates her team’s collectively wide range of capabilities.

“In addition to the regular maintenance work, there may also be a Garmin avionics installation ongoing, or an air ambulance interior job. We really can handle anything for Pilatus aircraft. And now, we also have an apprentice program to help train new mechanics, which expands the breadth and depth of our expertise with Pilatus aircraft.”

Let’s Talk About Boise!

Taylor loves living in Boise for its endless outdoor activities. She and Harley are avid mountain bikers and spend most of their free time in the mountains. In fact, they recently did a mountain bike challenge that involved riding a series of local bike trails. They covered 240 miles and 38,000 feet of elevation change in one month. They also enjoy hunting, fishing and nearly any other outdoor activity – Taylor knows that for a visiting customer, there’s plenty to do while their Pilatus is in-service. She’s happy to guide anyone in the right direction for adventure!


Our onsite Pilatus parts department has thousands of parts in stock, including FAA-approved line items, rotable components and modification kits. Inventory on site means we have more time for our MRO customers.

Our expert service includes quick delivery around the world. We’re here for our parts customers* seven days a week!

* Our parts customers consist of any potential owner, operator, or lesee of an aircraft based or operated in the following territory: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the following Counties of California: Alameda, Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Colusa, Contra Costa, Del Norte, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Humboldt, Inyo, Kings, Lake, Lassen, Madera, Marin, Mariposa, Mendocino, Merced, Modoc, Monterey, Napa, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Sacramento, San Benito, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Sutter, Tehama, Trinity, Tulare, Tolumne, Yolo, and Yuba. 

Modifications, Interiors & Avionics

We offer modifications, interiors and avionics services for Pilatus aircraft. Can we share just a few? Our interiors team has the ability to convert a PC-12 to a medical transport aircraft. We handle all sorts of Pilatus avionics projects, too; we are authorized dealers for all major avionics and electronics manufacturers so we’ve got your cockpit modernizations covered. If you need cabin modifications, LED lighting installation, system upgrades or modifications, including new equipment or additional features, Western Aircraft stands at the ready.

NEW: Cabinet Exchange Program: We'll build new cabinets while you fly, optimizing downtime and keeping your PC-12 where it belongs - in the air. While we're exchanging your cabinets, ask us how we can build you some of the best PC-12 seats on the market!

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Manufacturer Authorizations

We have Pilatus manufacturer authorization in all the right places:


Authorized Service Center

Garmin Avionics

Authorized Dealer


Authorized Dealer

Advent eABS (Anti-Skid Braking System)

Authorized Dealer

Pratt & Whitney

Authorized Dealer


And more...

Additionally, Western Aircraft has full avionics, interiors, maintenance, NDT/NDI, engineering, and structures capabilities.

Twenty-Four Seven

Customer Service & Inspection Perfection

We make your life easier by putting you first. We have a Pilatus Technical Representative on call 24/7 to answer your questions. Plus, if you’re in an AOG situation our road crew service is capable of nearly immediate dispatch to fix you up right away. For regional support, we also have a mobile truck.

We're masters of inspection. Over the past five years, our technicians have applied 83K hours to annual inspections, including 32K hours to Next Gen models and 51K hours to Legacy models. That’s a lot of Pilatus passion, but the numbers don’t stop there.

LEP Inspection Program

One. The number of Pilatus Aircraft Authorized Service Centers in the United States to complete Life Extension Program (LEP) inspections. We're on an island, all alone... just the way we like it.

Because there’s nothing like the excitement of being a Pilatus Aircraft owner. However, maintaining that aircraft on your own can be an involved business as the aircraft ages. If you think of your aircraft like you would your car, you can extend the life of your aircraft by completing routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, service bulletins, etc. If you’re a Pilatus PC-12 owner, Western Aircraft can help you take it one step further by performing a LEP inspection.

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The Ultimate Pilatus Dealership Experience

Customers who purchase Pilatus aircraft from us find they get more when they return for our MRO services. In reality, our support starts before the transaction is even complete! We can say it all day long, but we back it up with our actions. You’ll see.

Pilatus Aircraft Sales
We have an expert sales staff responsible for more PC-12 sales (over 170) than any other dealer in the world. We offer sales of new and pre-owned Pilatus aircraft, including PC-7s, PC-12s and PC-24s. We offer brokering services of used aircraft, assistance in locating financing and insurance, plus help finding the right pilot and aircraft management.
Pilatus Aircraft Management
Leave the time-consuming details of aircraft ownership and maintenance to our charter management team. Create new revenue opportunities and lower your operating costs. We’ll even help select and train the right pilot, plus so much more. We’ll care for your aircraft or fleet as if it were our own.

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