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Speed, range, performance, payload, and expansive cargo door of the Pilatus aircraft means you can take all your favorite recreational toys to almost any destination, large or small. No matter when you’re ready, our fleet of Swiss-made Pilatus aircraft will get you there is style. Anytime, anywhere, WestAir Charter will take you there!

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Had it with inconvenient travel options, flight delays, long lines and security concerns? You're not alone.

When you consider all the benefits WestAir Charter offers, especially increased productivity and the scheduling freedom, chartered air travel starts looking very attractive.

Point to Point Travel & Privacy

Travel time is greatly reduced when you arrive closer to your final destination by eliminating airline hubs and utilize the thousands of airports not serviced by the commercial airlines. Choosing with whom you travel with in a secure, comfortable cabin environment, allows for complete privacy without any distractions, interruptions, or eavesdropping. WestAir Charter goes the extra mile to assist customers in their travel needs, ensuring that after you have landed, ground transportation and accommodations have been arranged.

Popular Destinations & Travel Time

WestAir Charter is the ideal transportation for a variety of trips. With service to over 5,000 airports in the United States, Mexico and Canada, including shorter strips in hard-to-get-to locations, our fleet of Pilatus PC-12s will get you there in style.

  • Private Golf Outing
  • Exclusive Ski Trips
  • Fishing & Hunting Excursion

  • Romantic Escape
  • Wedding & Honeymoon Getaway
  • Business Travel

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "When we step onto Western Aircraft’s facility and are able to go straight to the airplane and get on, that is a night and day difference between private charter and commercial flights. Taking clients to areas that are rural with no direct flight and areas that don’t even have commercial flight operations is a huge benefit for our customers and our time. For us, it is a better experience for our customers and relationship building. Conducting business in a private setting with a relaxed atmosphere allows us to get our job done. We have been with Western for 18 years and will continue to stay. We always look forward to their friendly staff that treat you like royalty."

    -Dennis G.

  • "We had a great time and the travel was an important part of that greatness!"

    -Doug B.

  • "On the spur of the moment, they were able to get us to a critical meeting safely and professionally. Very accommodating."

    -Mike D.

  • "All guests have arrived and we’re having a splendid time. The poor guests flying commercially yesterday: their SEA-YYJ flight was cancelled and they wasted hours and dollars getting here. But my guests on the PC-12 were very enthusiastic about a terrific flight. One guest usually flies another carrier and she said she preferred this. For this length of trip, the PC-12 is ideal. Thank you both so much–job well done!"

    -Chris K.

  • "I am on my fifth plane with Western Aircraft charter/management and they have been very good to work with. We use our aircraft to get to and from Missoula, better than having an airline, taking belt and shoes off and wondering if the flight will be cancelled. Plenty of seats and room for golf trips, a lot of advantages. Folks at WestAir are as good as they can be. I can’t say enough good about them, it started that way and has stayed that way."

    -Richard K.

Get In Touch!

WestAir Charter services specialize in the Pilatus PC-12 and Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, however, we can accommodate any of your traveling needs, with aircraft ranging from a small Cessna Citation to a Gulfstream G550. To reserve or inquire about WestAir Charter or our services, please contact us at 888.511.5004, or simply complete the form below.