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Western Aircraft is dedicated to superior customer service and exceeding your expectations. Western Aircraft treats all of FBO Airport customers like family. Our FBO Airport is honored to count some of the biggest names in the aerospace industry as long-term customers. Read what our FBO airport customers have to say in the comment section below.

“Western is a truly exceptional FBO where customer service is deeply ingrained into the corporate culture - we ran into several employees during the week we spent in Boise and every one of them were very focused on doing whatever they could to enhance our stay and the customer experience. The location is great for easy accessibility after landing and by road once in town. Fuel prices are very reasonable and the lounge is great. Very highly recommended!”

Steve Hollington

“Western is our favorite FBO to visit. Even though we fly a Cessna182, and may only purchase a few gallons of fuel, they treat us like gold. The rental car is always at the plane upon landing and they always offer to help my wife in and out of the plane, since she is handicapped. The entire staff is very accommodating and professional.”

Lyle Mann

“Stopped in just for gas, small plane in comparison to what was there. The Western Service Agent was very professional and in conversation said it ‘was the best job she’s ever had, loves it there.’ Line service was like the MacGyver guy, wasn’t anything he couldn’t get or do. Just a really nice place to stop on a weekend.”

James Rollison

“Line service was excellent from the moment our door was opened. Bags were unloaded and even placed in our passenger vehicle. Linemen did a great job on our arrival and departure days. Shae Withers greeted us with smiles and an enthusiastic attitude. She is pleasant on the phone and handled our requests quickly and without trouble! On the day we left, the staff kept their composure during a power outage and maintained professionalism! I was very happy with Western Aircraft.”

Claudius Koenig

“Used Western for an overnight visit and the service here is fantastic. The line guys had the car pulled up as we opened the door and helped with luggage. The girls at the front desk both coming and going were friendly, polite and knowledgeable. The facilities are some of the nicest I’ve ever been too and the hot chocolate is fantastic! :) I will definitely be using them again in the future. No landing or overnight fees were charged with a purchase of fuel as it should be. Thanks again!”

Joe Rainey

“Please express my thanks to your crew. They were extremely professional and everything went smoothly. That was the most efficient Air stair OPS I have conducted. I’m not just saying that … The AF2 security personnel actually cornered me during the return flight and told me I went too fast because they weren’t able to get set up prior to us bringing in the forward Air stairs. Boise was the first ground crew team that had ever been ‘too good’ that they beat the AF security team.”

B. L. Novak

“Shae & Melissa at the counter are two of the finest folks I’ve had take care of me at the various FBOs I’ve visited over the years. They are real pros and should be recognized as such.”

Dave Kilcup

“I made an unplanned stop late on a Sunday while flying a piston aircraft back from OSH. Western was open, friendly, and super helpful. They have a $1.00/gal discount on the weekend for 100LL, set me up with an overnight courtesy car, and provided a big discount on a hotel room. Their facility and service is excellent – highly recommended! I give them an A+.”

John Hayes

“Western Aircraft is the best! Even though we were part of a group of several lifeguard aircraft that simultaneously descended on the FBO, the staff skillfully and cheerfully handled everyone’s needs. The courtesy cars and well-equipped pilot area with lounge and multiple computers were much appreciated. The line staff quickly pushed our airplane into a massive heated hangar (even on short notice) in order to melt the snow and permit our passengers to board in comfort. Best of all, they didn’t rake us over the coals with a horrendous hangar charge as you might see at other FBOs. Overall, it was an excellent experience and I’ll look forward to a repeat visit.”

Eric Basile

“Probably the BEST FBO I’ve had the fortune to randomly choose at an airport. Incredible facility, friendly people (despite my small Mooney bug smasher). Great support from picking me up at the passenger terminal to the GPU start on my (odd to most FBOs) 12-volt system. World class, can’t wait to go back.”

Chris Schmelzer

“After several changes to our accommodation needs, your line service representative never missed a beat or lost their patience or effectiveness in providing what I would call, extraordinary service and support. Both Kori and Melissa were great to work with. An issue came up where I needed to pick up some cleaning supplies for the aircraft. Zac Bookman took me to the parts department and helped me get the supplies I needed where the parts staff couldn’t do it without part numbers. While I was on the ramp, tending to my cleaning of the aircraft, Zac took the time – while on his break – to show me a couple of tricks not mentioned in the product’s directions. Overall, the time I dealt with your staff was above average along with personal attention to detail. I visit close to 300 FBOs a year in my travels and this was truly a very positive visit.”

Clyde Domengeaux

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