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The World's Greatest Single

In keeping with their international reputation for precision engineering and unmatched quality, the Swiss have further refined the venerable Pilatus PC-12. High residual values, low operating costs, proven safe operation with more than seven million flight hours and over 1,700 aircraft, it's easy to understand why the PC-12 has earned an untarnished reputation as one of the best investments in business aviation.

The all new PC-12 NGX takes you to a next level.

Versatile. Reliable. Proven.

These are terms operators of PC-12s frequently use to describe their aircraft, and why so many people around the world trust the PC-12 to fly their families, employees, customers and critical cargo. Add comfort, quality, efficiency and time savings to the list of benefits for those who travel on the world’s most popular single-engine business aircraft.

When it comes to the PC-12 NGX’s power and performance, Pratt & Whitney Canada upgraded the legendary PT6 engine by introducing the new PT6E-67XP, a class-leading engine which incorporates the first dual channel integrated Electronic Propeller and Engine Control System (FADEC) and digital autothrottle. You can even select a propeller low speed mode for reduced cabin and over-flight noise.

Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE™)

Safety of flight has always been the highest priority for Pilatus, and the PC-12 NGX’s Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE™) sets the bar for ultimate control and situational awareness. The PC-12 NGX includes an array of new technologies like tactile feedback in unusual attitudes, an Emergency Descent Mode (EDM), and a Crew Alerting System (CAS) that automatically calls up the appropriate electronic checklist on the multi-function display.

BMW DesignWorks
& Pilatus PC-12 NGX

have teamed up to provide you the ultimate cabin experience. Equipped the latest cabin entertainment and connectivity technology, the new PC-12 NGX cabin features fully reclining seats, taller seat backs, and more seated headroom. Multiple quick change configurations range from standard nine passenger commuter seating, Executive 6 or 6 +2, cargo, combi-passenger and cargo, dedicated or quick change Air Ambulance and Multi-Mission Surveillance.

PC-12 NGX Highlights

 •  2,485 ft Take-Off Distance
 •  290 KTAS Max Cruise Speed
 •  1,803 nm Max Range
 •  30,000 ft Max Altitude
 •  10+1 Pilot Max Passengers
 •  2,236 lb Max Payload
 •  Single-Pilot Certified
 •  1,200 shp Max Take-Off Thrust
 •  67 KIAS Stall Speed

Integrating a single turboprop engine into an aerodynamically advanced airframe, the Pilatus
PC-12 NGX combines excellent safety, economy, versatility, payload/range capability and simplicity.

The PC-12 NGX Is A Better Way To Go

After placing your order for a new PC-12 NGX, our salesperson will work with you and a Project Manager at Pilatus. Together, we will design a one-of-a-kind aircraft that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Ultimately, it is your dream, and Western Aircraft is here to help you fulfill it.

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