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The Super Versatile Jet

Western Aircraft is proud to offer the Pilatus PC-24 for sale. The practicality of a Turboprop combined with the cabin size of a Mid-Size Jet and the performance of a Light Jet make the PC-24 simply unique. The PC-24 is designed to operate from short, paved and even unpaved surfaces, giving pilots access to more than 21,000 airports worldwide.

AIN Pilot Report | The Versatile Pilatus PC-24: More Runways. More Space. More Possibilities.
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Flexible Interior with Generous Cargo Door Make Loading Fast & Easy

BMW DesignWorks and Pilatus have teamed up to provide you the ultimate cabin experience using only the finest-quality materials to create an interior that’s tailored to your needs. The quick-change capability enables addition or removal of passenger seats in just a few minutes.

The seats are not the only interchangeable feature of the cabin, the aft partition is also movable. You can easily enlarge the passenger cabin or increase the baggage compartment volume for each and every flight.

Advanced Cockpit Environment

Safety of flight has always been the highest priority for Pilatus, and the PC-24 Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE™) sets the bar for ultimate control and situational awareness. Four 12-inch screens ensure that all relevant information is displayed in the right place. The PC-24 ACE™ system includes an array of technologies such as an Inertial Reference System (IRS) that guarantees excellent reliability and accuracy of altitude and navigation data. Along with Synthetic Vision System, Autothrottle, Graphical Flight Planning, Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II), and Localizer Performance with Vertical (LPV) guidance capability, the Pilatus PC-24 has the most user-friendly cockpit concepts ever seen in business aviation.

PC-24 'Super Versatile Jet' Highlights

  • 2,930 ft Balanced Field Length
  • 440 KTAS Max Cruise Speed
  • 2,000 nm Max Range
  • 45,000 ft Max Altitude
  • 11+1 Pilot Max Passengers
  • 2,500 lb Max Payload
  • Single-Pilot Certified
  • 2 x 3,420 lbf Max Take-Off Thrust
  • 82 KIAS Stall Speed

After placing your order for a new PC-24, our salesperson will work with you and a Project Manager at Pilatus. Together, we will design a one-of-a-kind aircraft that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Ultimately, it is your dream, and Western Aircraft is here to help you fulfill it.

PC-24 Air Ambulance

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