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Western Aircraft Maintenance Customers

Western Aircraft is committed to superior customer service at every stage of the process. We have long-standing client relationships with some of the biggest names in the aviation industry. Read what our aircraft maintenance customers have to say in the comment section below.


"I don’t think I could be more please by the work your company did. I was on the shop floor every day with your mechanics and technicians and I never thought that I would rather have someone else working on my plane. Victor Santos and all of the guys working on the floor were friendly, easy going, competent, and really seemed to have their hearts in their work. The work scope was big, and despite me adding additional items during the input, we were out on time and made our first scheduled passenger flight the next morning. Our bottom line is the mission, and you delivered on that. I don’t foresee us seeking out maintenance for our 7X anywhere else in the future. Keep up the high standards!"

Carson Solem
A&P Mechanic (Falcon 7X | Seattle, WA)

"We go out of our way to come to Boise and Western because we feel they are the best."

John Scalzo
Chief Pilot (Hawker 800)

"With regards to the aircraft maintenance performed on both our aircraft in the past year; 2C on F50EX – 260 N586CS and 2A on F7X -031 N786CS, I have the following comments: N586CS 2C check: The work performed by your crew headed by Mike McLeavey was phenomenal.

At the time, I was pre-occupied by the completion of the 7X so was unable to be at the facility but for 6 days total. The communication during the job was excellent. I knew the cost of the project throughout. The final cost came within 2000 dollars of what I expected. The aircraft departed and went on a very important extended European trip with zero discrepancies; phenomenal!

N786CS 2A check: The work on the new aircraft was just as impressive. C.J. Miller was extraordinary in his organization of the project and his determination to insure everything was completed. Especially impressive was the apparent seamless transition between him and Mike when a family emergency required his services for a few days. This shows that your crew has excellent communication plus they enjoy what they do, and take the same pride in their product that I do.

Additionally I would like to add the excellent work from your aircraft interior shop. The principal had many requests that I didn’t expect to be able to be completed, but you were able to complete them and exceed our expectation for quality. Our owner was very pleased with their work. All in all, I can’t say how much I appreciate having a Dassault Service Center like yours so close to home. Your crew is quite possibly the best there is."

John Dominick
Director of Maintenance (Falcon 50EX & 7X | Seattle, WA)

"I want to thank you, and the entire crew at Western Aircraft, for making our recent C-check a very comfortable event. You made us feel welcome and accommodated our every need or concern in a an exemplary way. From the moment we arrived your team was there with rental car, office space, rides to and from the terminal during airline travel, and plenty of information on the best places to eat and stay. This treatment extended right down to the crew on the floor, who were always very helpful and patient with my inquiries. Andy took all the time I needed reviewing the work scope and aircraft without ever making me feel rushed. I got the sense he truly enjoys, and is proud of, his work. Virtually everyone I encountered during my wanderings in your facility greeted me with a smile. Thanks very much again."

Dennis O'Brien
Chief Pilot (Falcon 2000 | Denver, CO)

"The Western Aircraft team of professionals was on task from initial quote to aircraft completion. When we started the process of choosing a facility to accomplish the “C” check on our Falcon there were many factors to consider. Your sales staff did an excellent job of accurately quoting the inspection and additional modifications that were requested. The quality of inspection was excellent. The cooperation between outside vendors and you staff resulted in a very successful end product. The avionics and interior modifications were performed in conjunction with the inspection and did not delay the schedule whatsoever. In fact you succeeded in completing the aircraft ahead of schedule. ‘Job Well Done!’ We appreciate our relationship with Western Aircraft Inc. and look forward to supporting your growth as a quality inspection, repair and modification facility."

Jun Morris & Jerry Timboe
Director of Maintenance / Chief Pilot (Falcon 900EX)

"I have options on where to go and get the work done, but I feel it's worth it [to come to Western Aircraft], given their professionalism, their knowledge of the airplane and their straightfoward-ness."

Jack Martin
Pilatus PC-12 Owner & Operator

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