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Western Aircraft celebrates a significant milestone this year for Pilatus aircraft sales and maintenance support.

Since 1996, Western Aircraft has been an Authorized Pilatus Dealer and is currently the largest Pilatus dealership in the world. Its sales team has sold over 350 new and used PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft; it was the first dealership to sell both 100 and 200 new PC-12 aircraft. They have received numerous accolades, including Dealer of the Decade for selling more PC-12s than any other worldwide Pilatus dealer in the first 10 years of production.

“We are humbled and honored to be celebrating this milestone,” said Phil Winters, vice president of aircraft sales and charter for Western Aircraft, and a 24-year veteran of the Western Aircraft Pilatus program. “We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all we have without the support of our longstanding partners at Pilatus and their market-leading products. Additionally, we are extremely appreciative for the customer relationships we have built, and we look forward to the ones we form in the next 25 years.”

Winters added that as of the end of September 2021, Western Aircraft had sold a total of 262 new PC-12 aircraft, 71 used PC-12s, 11 new PC-24s, 11 used PC-7s, and one new PC-6 aircraft.

In addition to outstanding aircraft sales, Western Aircraft is a 25-year service center for Pilatus aircraft servicing more than 100 Pilatus aircraft each year.

“Our 20 factory-trained technicians provide world-class service when it comes to maintenance and support for PC-12 and PC-24 aircraft,” said Kerry Heiss, director of sales and marketing for Western Aircraft. “Our goal is always to exceed the expectation of our Pilatus customers. We do that by being as passionate about their aircraft as they are, and as a result, they continue to bring their aircraft to us.”

Heiss added that this year alone, Western Aircraft will provide more than 42,000 hours to Pilatus service work, including maintenance, structures, avionics, and interiors projects.

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