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Pilatus Aircraft Life Extension Program (LEP) – Aviation Services - Western Aircraft - Western Aircraft


There is nothing like the excitement of being a Pilatus Aircraft owner. However, maintaining that aircraft on your own can be an involved business as the aircraft ages. If you think of your aircraft like you would your car, you can extend the life of your aircraft by completing routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, service bulletins etc. If you are a Pilatus PC-12 owner, Western Aircraft can help you take it one step further by performing a Life Extension Program (LEP).

Western Aircraft is the only Pilatus Aircraft Authorized Service Center in the United States to complete an LEP.

What is it and how does it help you?
The LEP is a very detailed inspection, which extends the life of an aircraft by several thousand hours. It requires the vast disassembly of the airframe enabling it to be evaluated and rebuilt to a similar condition as when it left the assembly line brand new. The inspection is scheduled for a minimum of three months of maintenance time along with extensive assessment and engineering hours to research the aircraft’s repair history.

It boils down to being an all-encompassing Service Bulletin that requires a major tear-down inspection of the Pilatus aircraft. Windows, landing gear, floors, interior, engines and more are removed so our engineers can look for wear and tear, corrosion or any other issues that may prove to be a problem. The entire aircraft and its systems are inspected in-depth and extensive Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is also part of the inspection process.

The process doesn’t end there
Once everything has been thoroughly inspected, then it’s time for the repairs. These could include hardware, fuselage skins, cargo and passenger door areas, windows, landing gear axles and components, and other repairs. Many modifications and upgrades are also accomplished during this time to bring the Pilatus aircraft up-to-date with the product improvements that have become available since the PC-12 was first introduced in 1994. Any component or structure that does not meet specs is replaced or repaired with full Pilatus factory support.

Western Aircraft and Levaero Aviation in Canada are the only two Pilatus authorized Service Centers in the world to have completed this inspection. You may be thinking this inspection sounds involved and requires too much downtime, but in the end it will maximize your fun and your investment for years to come! For more information about Pilatus aircraft maintenance, please contact the experts of Western Aircraft.

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