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Western Aircraft Parts Customers

Western Aircraft offers superior customer service at every stage of the process. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Western Aircraft has established long-standing relationships with some of the biggest names in the aerospace industry. Read what our aircraft parts customers have to say in the comment section below.

Feedback on a recent call into the parts department.

"Thanks for procuring this power supply from a second source rather than ending a possible sale with "nope none in stock." It is very convenient and hassle free to order from Western Parts. Marty and all the other sales people go beyond in order to satisfy a small customer. Thanks!!!!!!!!"

Alaska Air Transit

Steve Cruse, a successful Texas aircraft parts broker, has a lot of business in Europe. He needed cost effective, timely and absolutely reliable parts services that went above and beyond the norm.

“Western put together a shipping system that saves us a ton of money and gets the job done. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Western is always the first call we make for parts.”

Steve Cruse
Cruse Aviation

When a routine inspection on a Hawker turned in to a difficult and lengthy maintenance situation, Ryan Saner came to us for help. Complicated squawks required more and more parts–and not all were easily located.

“Western kept a very complex job simple and well organized. They were awesome!”

Ryan Saner
Mid America Jet

Sierra Pacific Industries maintains a corporate fleet that includes various turboprops, a Hawker 1000 and a helicopter. Given the diversity of aircraft, they would either have to tie up cash with a lot of expensive parts sitting on hangar shelves, or know someone trustworthy who does. For the last five years, Dan Davis has entrusted quick and accurate parts deliveries from Western Aircraft.

“For us it usually isn’t a matter of price, it’s a matter of service and getting the job done … No one does it better than the people at Western Aircraft Parts.”

Dan Davis
Sierra Pacific Industries

When Dave Hanna needed a simple spring for a door latch assembly, he found that Cessna didn’t sell the part any longer–except for a terribly expensive mod kit. He tried several parts suppliers around the country for alternatives, but no one could help him–until he called Western Aircraft Parts. Within a few days, he had the rare part and was flying for much less than he thought he’d have to spend.

“I called Western and in 30 seconds they had an answer. It even surprised my mechanic that anyone could figure it out.”

Dave Hanna
Hanna Realty

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