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Maintenance Sales Staff

Western Aircraft Maintenance Sales

Western Aircraft provides the aviation industry with the very best in customer service. Our aircraft maintenance sales staff is experienced with an unmatched attention to detail.

Get to know your aircraft maintenance sales team below.

Kerry Heiss
Director, MRO Sales and Marketing
P (208) 338-1859 | M (208) 870-6957
Lee Miles
Regional Sales Manager
Gulfstream, Falcon
P (208) 385-1835 | M (208) 861-9252
Doug Wendt
Regional Sales Manager
Gulfstream, Falcon
M (480) 243-3465
Jeff Soderberg
Regional Sales Manager 
Gulfstream, Falcon
M (986) 256-4427
Heather Aldred
Regional Sales Manager
King Air, Piper, Citation, Embraer, PC-12 (Alaska), Turboprop Fleet Operators
M (208) 921-3517
Shannon Edick
Regional Sales Manager
PC-12, PC-24
M (208) 579-8930
Adam Barnes
MRO Jet Quoter
P (208) 338-1858

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