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We're the Pulse of Your Gulfstream.

Meet Jim Fisher, our interior programs manager for your Gulfstream aircraft. His job is to help bring your vision to life as you reimagine the interior of your aircraft.

He handles everything regarding your Gulfstream’s interior - including addressing discrepancies, as well as managing modifications and upgrades. To say he’s the right man for this job would be an understatement.

Let’s start at the beginning

Jim’s career with Gulfstream Aerospace kicked off in the mid-1990s, where he began working in their Long Beach service center as an avionics technician. He then transitioned into a management role, where he led a team of avionics technicians and mechanics. Next, he served as an interior installation manager, where he ran the team putting in brand new interiors. Jim and his team inspected the pieces coming out of the back shops, prepped for assembly, assembled the full interior of the aircraft, managed flight testing, delivered it to the customer, and handled follow-up communication. In his last position with Gulfstream, he transitioned into interior back shop management, where he and his crew detailed furniture, built the interior panels, fabricated sheet metal parts and upholstered seats and panels.

Today, he’s proud to put his 22 years of Gulfstream specific experience to work for Western Aircraft. Aside from loving his job, he enjoys Boise and the surrounding area.

Jim, what do you love about Boise?

“I’ll never forget flying into Boise for the first time. It was late afternoon. Beautiful blue skies, a clear shot of the mountains from the airplane’s left side flying in. It was so much more open than what I was used to in southern California where everything’s packed in more tightly,” said Jim. “There’s no shortage of fun things to do around here. Shop, eat, enjoy the buzzing downtown environment… or go on an adventure. Within an hour you can be up in the mountains exploring wilderness, camping, biking, boating, climbing, or even four-wheeling, which is something I’ll be doing very soon!”

Jim sparks joy

Well it’s true. Jim loves bringing good news to customers, whether it’s a hot tip on which new restaurant to visit downtown, or that your Gulfstream’s new interior swatches are ready for review. When you bring your aircraft to us for interior work, Jim’s goal is that you love the end results. His communication with you along the way ensures it; he’ll send progress pictures right to your inbox so you remain connected every step of the way. Want to see the progress with your own eyes? No problem. Jim will show you the progress being made on your interior in his back shops, and on the hangar floor.

Western Aircraft’s Gulfstream interior capabilities are comprehensive

  • Interior design and engineering support
  • Custom cabinetry, woodwork, inlays and paint
  • Wood veneer replacement and refinishing
  • Custom carpet design and replacement
  • Custom seat upholstery
  •  Leather reconditioning and re-dyeing
  •  Amenities refresh
  • Cabin management, entertainment, and connectivity solutions
  • LED lighting solutions
  •  Soundproofing enhancement
  • Dedicated medical installations

Jim’s 22 years of Gulfstream aircraft experience will contribute to impeccable interior work and turn your dreams into reality.

Your Gulfstream is in Good Hands

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