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Doug Wendt, our Regional Sales Manager for Gulfstream aircraft, is a literal pro at listening to you and helping support your maintenance and upgrade needs.

Relationships are Doug’s specialty. He’s been cultivating and maintaining them his entire career, which includes more than 30 years of experience specifically with Gulfstream aircraft owners and operators selling product support, which includes maintenance, avionics upgrades, interiors and refurbishment.

Hey Doug, what do you enjoy most about working here at Western?

“The people here are awesome. I’ve known many of them in the past because there are a lot of former Gulfstream people here several of us have known each other and worked together in the industry for many years. We know the Gulfstream line very well; I really like that part of it. Working alongside this group makes me better at my job because these are very knowledgeable people,” Doug said.

Doug has maintained his network well, and his customers trust him.

“I also enjoy still meeting with and calling on my customers I’ve had for 20-some years – maintaining those relationships is a lot of fun; they’ve become good friends over the years,” he said.

How do your customers like Western Aircraft?

“My existing relationships with my customers brought them to Western. But once they’re here, they really love it and for many reasons:

Boise is great. They say it’s ‘part rugged, part refined’ and I’d have to agree with that! It’s a new place to go that gets you away from huge crowds and big city life. It has something for everyone, whether you enjoy being in the mountains, floating a river, or sampling all the great dining and shopping options in downtown Boise. You can experience everything Boise has to offer and get excellent work done on your airplane. Western is a clean, intimate facility with people you can talk to - right on the shop floor if you want!

We also have a brand-new hangar which was built for Gulfstream aircraft. Part of the new hangar includes nice, spacious customer offices! Customers want to spend time at our facility while their Gulfstream in in work; the offices are complete with wi-fi, beverages, and are private. Having dedicated space for not only their aircraft, but for them as well, emphasizes our commitment to Gulfstream customers. We offer a great customer experience, which makes it an easy decision all around,” said Doug.

Doug says his customers find the experience of having their Gulfstream maintained here so enjoyable that they tend to talk about it to their own network. The culture at Western sets itself up for natural word of mouth relationship building.

Customer service is the heart of Doug’s every move.

Doug makes sure the experience is memorable from the beginning. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona but will gladly meet new customers face-to-face when they arrive in Boise for maintenance work.

“I think a familiar face and having someone to personally make introductions goes a long way toward making people feel comfortable,” Doug noted.

The customer is number one in Doug’s book.

And he appreciates that the management at Western Aircraft feels the same way. He says they not only have a strong pulse on what our customers need, but frequently asks them what can be done better.

“We always keep an open ear to ways we can improve,” said Doug. “Our customers trust us and give us honest feedback, which means we know what’s working and what we need to adjust.”

Do you want to be Doug’s customer, too?

See for yourself how Doug’s expertise will lend itself to an overall excellent customer experience with us. Get in touch with us and begin your own adventure at Western Aircraft in Boise.

Your Gulfstream is in Good Hands

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