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We're the Pulse of Your Gulfstream.

Dan Parker brings a wealth of expertise to Western Aircraft, serving as an Aircraft Inspector since August 2020. With a rich history of working on Gulfstream aircraft, Dan's experience spans over 15 years, making him a seasoned professional in the field.

A Passion for Gulfstream Aircraft.

Dan's journey with Gulfstream aircraft began many years ago with the G-IIB in New York. Since then, he has dedicated himself to these exceptional corporate aircraft, acquiring extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.

Mastering Gulfstream Airframes.

Dan's specialization includes Initial Training, Run/Taxi, and Advanced Troubleshooting on the G-450. His skills also extend to other Gulfstream models, such as the G-280, GIV, GV, and G-550.

Why Gulfstream Aircraft?

When asked about his passion for Gulfstream aircraft, Dan says, "Gulfstream Aircraft are the most well-built corporate aircraft available. They carry great notoriety in the industry and with the public. They’re easily recognized by all as being the superior option for personal and professional aviation."

Why Western Aircraft?

Dan's admiration for Gulfstream aircraft is matched by his appreciation for Western Aircraft. He's proud to be part of a dedicated Gulfstream Team in Boise, comprising many of the industry's most technically competent and accomplished individuals. 

According to Dan,
"Western does an excellent job of bringing together technicians with a broad base of expertise and experience to ensure the best results at the most reasonable cost possible."

Discovering Idaho's Charms.

Beyond his professional life, Dan enjoys the natural beauty of Boise and the surrounding area. A lover of the outdoors, he often embarks on trail rides with his Adventure Bike, exploring new places and savoring Idaho's stunning landscapes. Dan also highlights the welcoming and friendly nature of the people in Idaho, making it a truly special place to call home.

Dan Parker's dedication to Gulfstream aircraft and his role as an Aircraft Inspector at Western Aircraft exemplify the commitment to excellence that defines our team. If you're looking for unparalleled expertise and a passion for aviation, Western Aircraft is the clear choice for all your Gulfstream needs. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself.

Your Gulfstream is in Good Hands

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