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Western Aircraft’s Avionics Experts at Your Service.

Western Aircraft is perfectly poised to install the Gogo AVANCE L5 platform upgrade in your Gulfstream, Falcon or Hawker aircraft. In fact, we’re one of the industry leaders in L5 installations, including one on a Gulfstream 550. We’re not bragging, we’re just proud!

Gogo Avance L5 boxYou Love Avionics. We Do, Too.

We’ll admit it. We nerd out a little bit (okay, a lot…) on in-flight connectivity and entertainment solutions. It’s why we obsess over each AVANCE L5 installation that comes through our door.

Your In-Flight Needs Differ from the Next Guy’s.

We get it. And we love a unique experience. Tell us what you want, we’ll tailor the Gogo AVANCE L5 package to make it happen.

What’s So Great About the Gogo AVANCE L5 Platform?

We thought you’d never ask! Here are just a few more reasons the Gogo Biz® 4G technology platform is such a great connectivity and entertainment solution:

Screenshot of text outlining Gogo Avance L5 features and benefits

If you want to learn more about what the L5 offers, check out the L5 data sheet here, or read Gogo’s 4G Business Solution brochure over here.

If Your Head’s in the Clouds, Keep it There.

Let our team make your flight even more entertaining. Call us today for a quote on installing the Gogo AVANCE L5 platform in your aircraft.

Get hold of Beau Hawkins to talk about your upgrade.

Beau Hawkins - 208.338.1876 - beauh@westair.com

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