Garmin Upgrades for Your PC-12

Tailored to enhance your ownership and flight experience, our avionics upgrades for select PC-12, PC-12/45 and PC-12/47 offer you a vastly expanded array of next-generation features and options in a modern, reliable all-glass cockpit. You’ll replace obsolete or hard-to-repair analog mechanical instruments and legacy flight displays, and you’ll add value to your aircraft while gaining operational benefits today. Plus, you’ll get the peace of mind provided by an industry-leading 2-year warranty on your new system, backed by the No. 1-ranked product support team from the company you trust.

Upgrading Your Glass Just Got Easier
G600 TXi puts easy-to-interpret flight information directly in your primary field of view. The 10.6″ format can be easily configured as a dedicated PFD or a combined PFD/MFD on a 60/40 split-screen display — and it offers an HSI overlay with an MFD-like perspective map, plus all the maps, approach charts, satellite weather, traffic and terrain you want in a modern cockpit — and more. Furthermore, the 7" portrait format serves as a dedicated EIS for real-time engine, electrical and fuel data.

G600 TXi interfaces seamlessly with a wide range of avionics equipment, including the GI 275 standby flight instrument. When paired with our GFC™ 600 autopilot, TXi displays flight director command bars, autopilot mode annunciations and enhanced autopilot indicators for IAS and VS modes — plus Garmin ESP™ and overspeed and underspeed protection. With our GTN™ 650Xi/750Xi series navigators, you’ll get advanced approach capabilities, including LPV, VNAV and coupled missed approaches, plus glide-range rings and automatic loading of frequencies from the TXi touchscreen. And with our optional Flight Stream 510 wireless gateway¹, enable Connext® wireless cockpit connectivity. So you can transfer flight plans, update databases and stream flight information to your compatible mobile devices running the Garmin Pilot™ or ForeFlight Mobile apps. You can even stream and log EIS data on Garmin Pilot for secure storage on the® website and review by your maintenance team.

¹Additional hardware may be required and is sold separately

Protect Your Investment with TXI EIS
Our TXi EIS systems provide easy-to-read indications, with color-coded pointers and data bands that offer clear visual cues to indicate normal operating ranges, cautions and exceedances customized to your PC-12.

Auto Start Support
TXi EIS replicates the PC-12’s auto-start interface and functionality to enable a single button start sequence — and automatically disengages the starter above 50 percent NG. EIS TXi will also disengage the starter if the pilot presses the starter reset.

Integrated Limit Timers

TXi EIS ensures that pilots operate within specific limits for minimum time to avoid exceedances and costly maintenance. Once a limit is reached, a countdown timer is displayed.

Exceedance Monitoring
If any time-based limit is exceeded, the pilot is notified in-flight of duration and highest value of exceedance. Once back on the ground, flight data can be reviewed immediately and/or off-loaded for the maintenance team to diagnose next steps.

Out with the Old. In with the Brilliant.

  • G600 TXi Flight Display Upgrades for Your PC-12
  • High-res Touchscreen PFD/MFD
  • Pilatus-specific EIS Features
  • Automatically uploads engine data to
  • Advanced Capabilities when Paired with GFC™ 600 AND GTN™ Xi series
  • Award-winning Garmin support

Don’t Trust Your Installation to Just Anyone.

For 27 years, Western Aircraft has been an authorized Pilatus Dealer and service center; providing service and support for more than 100 Pilatus aircraft a year. Not to mention, it’s held Garmin service center status since 1996 and is a Garmin Platinum Dealer. Western Aircraft is as passionate about your Pilatus aircraft as you are.

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