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The new Piper M600/SLS exceeds industry standards for performance, safety, luxury and support making it the best value in the single-engine turboprop market. The M600/SLS is the first aircraft to incorporate the most significant advancement in recent general aviation history – Garmin Autoland. With Piper’s HALO Safety System, including Garmin Autoland, the M600/SLS just raised the bar as the most technologically sophisticated general aviation aircraft to date.

Safety First | Garmin Autoland

This fully autonomous emergency landing system can be activated by the pilot or passengers. Additionally, Garmin Autoland can automatically activate when the system senses pilot incapacitation. Autoland’s algorithms consider everything a pilot would to determine a safe course to landing, including runway size, time, wind, fuel, weather, terrain and descent paths. When activated, the system notifies nearby aircraft and air traffic control, updates passengers on aircraft position and landing time, and how to communicate with air traffic control. Autoland will activate onboard de-ice equipment, extend flaps and gear autonomously. Once the aircraft touches the runway, the braking system will bring the aircraft to a complete stop, the engine will shut down and passengers are instructed when it is safe to exit the aircraft.

Garmin G3000®

The G3000 avionics suite in the M600/SLS is the latest Garmin technology available and is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and offers the most advanced features available in today’s market. With the G3000, the mechanics of flight deck management are easy and efficient by design. Integrated touchscreen controllers control radios, audio and intercom channels, cabin pressurization, transponder codes, checklists, charts, mapping, and flight plan entry in an easy-to-use centralized location, allowing for less time searching for buttons and more time enjoying the view.

Elevated Style & Luxury

Piper takes luxury to greater heights with the EXP package. Multiple color palettes and customization options from stitching patterns and contrasting thread, as well as custom embroidery and badging, allow for customers to create their dream interior. All seats are clad in hand-selected and processed leather with the possibility of selecting a solid or two-toned interior seating scheme. Veneer and carbon fiber trim finish further enhance the sense of unmatched refinement in a single engine turboprop. A fully customized EXP interior is standard in the all new M600/SLS.

M600 / SLS Performance

• 2635 ft Take-Off Distance
• 274 KTAS Max Cruise Speed
• 1,658 nm Max Range
• 30,000 ft Max Altitude
• 5+1 Pilot Max Passengers
• 2400 lb Standard Useful Load
• 600 lbf Max Take-Off Thrust
• 63 KIAS Stall Speed


After placing your order for a new M600/SLS, our Regional Director will work with you and a Project Manager at Piper. Together, we will design a one-of-a-kind aircraft that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Ultimately, it is your dream, and Western Aircraft is here to help you fulfill it. Rest assured knowing that the M600/SLS will be supported by 90 worldwide Authorized Service Centers, comes with 5 years of factory warranty and includes a 5-year (no cost to you) comprehensive Ultimate Care maintenance program.

Get In Touch.

For more information on the Piper M600 / SLS, please contact our sales team at 208.338.1873 or fill out the form below.

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Since 1996, Western Aircraft has been an authorized Pilatus Dealer and Service Center. Furthermore, we have sold more than 300 new and used PC-12s and PC-24s in our Pilatus aircraft sales division. In addition, the sales team has successfully delivered every available civilian platform offered by Pilatus; the PC-6 ‘Porter’, PC-7, PC-12, and PC-24.

In 2004, the Pilatus Aircraft Sales Team was awarded the “Dealer of the Decade” for selling more PC-12s than any other Pilatus dealer in the world in the first ten years of production.
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