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Runway Incursion Prevention For Your Falcon

Did you know there is nearly one runway incursion per day in the US, and 25% of those incursions are caused by an aircraft erroneously taxiing onto an active runway?

Runway Incursion Prevention is a major safety initiative throughout the aviation community. Your Falcon 2000 is a good candidate for Honeywell’s Runway Awareness & Advisory System (RAAS)–a heads up advisory system that helps the crew maintain awareness during ground and airport ops, even in the worst visibility. If you have Mark V/VII EGPWS installed, RAAS may be a less expensive upgrade than you think.

The system provides key aural advisories, including:

  • “Approaching runway X”
  • “On runway X”
  • “Insufficient runway length” (takeoff and landing)
  • And many more options for situational awareness…

Example: Pilot sidesteps to left runway after being advised he is approaching the right when cleared for the left.

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