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Max-Viz is a Situational Awareness Tool Turning Night into Day

Safety, efficiency, and affordability are essential when it comes to Pilatus operators. Max-Viz significantly increases each with this new generation Enhanced Visions System (EVS). Max-Viz is ideal for the Pilatus PC-12. It is STC approved—and thanks to Western Aircraft’s volume purchase with Max-Viz, is very affordable.

Western Aircraft knows Max-Viz better than any other dealer in the world. Western Aircraft has installed over 25 Max-Viz systems, and our large purchases enable us to sell the units at affordable prices that might surprise you.

For flying in haze, nighttime and some types of rain, snow, and fog, Max-Viz greatly improves pilot’s situational awareness with these benefits:

  • Helps avoid Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)—View terrain in darkness and degraded visibility
  • Detects potential Runway Incursions Early—Vehicles and aircraft
  • Reduce Animal Incursions—Early detection gives pilots time to safely react
  • Improves Safety In-Flight and on the Ground—Enhance visibility to buildings, trees along taxiways, light standards, and jet ways.

For more information contact Mark Fischer, Director of MRO Avionics Products at (319) 210-9043.

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