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Western Aircraft Paint Maintenance

Whether it be a landing gear, RVSM critical area or an entry door Western Aircraft knows how to satisfy your needs with high quality aircraft paint maintenance. The technicians at Western Aircraft work together to provide you with a durable coating that will last for years to come. This aircraft paint maintenance not only serves to protect the materials it covers but also offers a clean and shiny surface that is pleasant to look at. Paint touch up such as “N” number changes, recoating areas that have chipped or peeled, RVSM area repairs and other localized paint touch up are routinely completed and are a specialty at Western Aircraft.

Western Aircraft offers the following Aircraft Paint Maintenance:

  • A team of dedicated and quality minded professionals that care about customer satisfaction
  • Individuals that have been to factory training provided by paint manufacturers
  • Our team has 69 collective years of paint experience
  • Paint matching capabilities that promise the right color is applied to your aircraft
  • Modern paint booths that are free of contaminants to house parts and components during their refurbishment and coating
  • Personnel that is dedicated to providing a safe painting environment
  • Environmentally friendly waste management
  • Free paint and aircraft detailing estimates

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