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IS&S Cockpit / IP for the Pilatus PC-12

The IS&S 15″ Cockpit/IP™ (Cockpit Information Portal) is now STC approved for the Pilatus PC-12. Western Aircraft is one of only two authorized installation centers. Pilots and owners have been waiting for this system to arrive, and it is finally here.

The system provides:

  • Improved safety through better situational awareness.
  • Enhanced readability: autopilot annunciations, traffic, terrain and weather displayed in one unit.
  • Improved system reliability due to cooler operating temperatures and fewer LRUs.
  • Significant weight savings of 40lbs or more (depending on options chosen).
  • Increased aircraft resale value.
  • Options for future growth: Satellite weather, Jepp Charts, and even Max-Viz displays are in development.
  • Less than two weeks of downtime, and the price of single side or dual side installation will pleasantly surprise you!

The Cockpit/IP™ integrates cockpit information systems into one easy-to-read display. The unit is designed to replace the existing EADI and EHSI displays, altimeter, airspeed, and vertical speed indicators. Additionally, it contains many of the same components found in 757s and 767s around the world. You can have confidence with our installation and the component as they are tried and true on multiple airframes in various configurations. To download additional information, click here.

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For inquiries contact Walt Marcy at (208) 338-1846 or (208) 906-4393 (mobile).

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