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Challenger Aircraft Parts, Avionics, Maintenance & Interiors

Western Aircraft offers Challenger Aircraft services for a wide variety of capabilities. We are proud to offer the customers in the United States the very best in Challenger Parts, Challenger Avionics, Challenger Interiors, and Challenger Maintenance. Western Aircraft has established long-standing customer relationships over the years, and we have built an unmatched reputation for our trusted aviation services.

For years, Western Aircraft has been focused on maintaining and modifying large corporate jets and providing reliable aircraft services and management. The people at Western Aircraft remain focused on the customer, their Challenger aircraft and providing the high level of customer service that has made them a favorite in other jet markets. This gives Western Aircraft an advantage in providing personalized service that is focused on the customer in a professional hangar environment exceeding 125,000 Sq. Ft.

Challenger Maintenance

Western Aircraft is honored to serve customers across the country with superior Challenger maintenance services. Our experts are passionate about exceeding expectations at every stage of the process. We offer the following Challenger maintenance capabilities:

  • Nearly $500K has been recently invested in training, tooling and the facility to better serve Challenger maintenance customers.
  • Small company atmosphere mixed with continuous customer involvement delivers personalized service.
  • FAA-certified, Class IV repair station (#FE6R532N), a multi year recipient of the FAA’s Diamond Certificate of Excellence, the FAA’s highest award for maintenance training.
  • Pre-purchase inspections, scheduled inspections, structural repairs and industry leading AOG support are routinely performed and delivered.
  • Tried And Proven (TAP) program for new and existing customers. The program offers labor discounts and incentives for Challenger Aircraft operators needing large work scopes and inspections completed.

Contact Western Aircraft to learn more about our high-quality Challenger Parts, Challenger Avionics, Challenger Interiors, and Challenger Maintenance. We look forward to doing business with you.

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