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Beechcraft King Air Parts, Avionics, Maintenance & Interiors

Western Aircraft is an industry leader in Beechcraft Parts, Beechcraft Avionics, Beechcraft Maintenance, and Beechcraft Interiors. Western Aircraft’s FAA certified repair station (FE6R532N) specializes in King Air modifications and packages to improve the appearance, safety and performance of your Beechcraft aircraft. We supply and install a variety of modifications.

Western Aircraft is proud to offer customers across the United States the very best in Beechcraft Parts, Beechcraft Avionics, Beechcraft Maintenance, and Beechcraft Interiors. We are confident that we have the experience, expertise, and talent necessary to exceed all your expectations.

 Western Aircraft Beechcraft Maintenance:

We are one of the nation’s leading supplier of Beechcraft maintenance services. Our technicians offer high-quality support for all your aircraft needs. Western Aircraft offers the following Beechcraft maintenance capabilities:

Raisbeck Performance Systems
For almost a quarter of a century, Raisbeck Engineering has been designing, developing and marketing performance systems for the King Air aircraft. These systems enable the King Air to outperform the standard King Air in such areas as takeoff distance, climb, speed and range.

  • Hartzell/Raisbeck 4-bladed Quiet Turbofan Propellers (TFPS)
  • Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System (RARS)
  • Raisbeck Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE)
  • Raisbeck Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS)
  • Raisbeck Nacelle Wing Lockers (NWLS)
  • Raisbeck High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD)

Frakes Exhaust Stacks
For your King Air Model 90, 100, 200, 300, 350 and 99 Series Beechcraft. Frakes Aviation is the leading manufacturer of exhaust stacks with over 14 years of experience producing clean-running, crack-free exhaust stacks. This modification is designed to work with all King Airs including those equipped with the Butterfield Flow-Thru Anti-Ice System.

Butterfield Industries Oil Residue Collection System
This modification eliminates oil residue on your nacelles by collecting and storing oil that would otherwise dump overboard or drip into the wheel well.

Four Blade Propellers
Enjoy substantial noise reduction, reduced blade length and greatly improved take-off and climb performance.

Flow-Thru Anti-Ice System
Prevent sooting on the underside of your King Air 200 nacelles with the Flow-Thru Anti-Ice System.

  • Exhaust gasses enter only one side of the anti-ice lip and exit the other.
  • Eliminates all sooting on the underside of the nacelles.
  • Flexible bellows virtually eliminate repair costs of cracked stacks.
  • Precents soot leakage inside the engine compartment.
  • Western Aircraft performs this modification in 10 hours or less.

Western Aircraft Beechcraft Parts

Western Aircraft is proud to offer unmatched expertise in Beechcraft parts and services. Our professionals provide services of the highest quality to assure we meet or exceed the expectations of your Beechcraft parts. Western Aircraft provides the following Beechcraft parts services:

  • We know Beechcraft parts–we’re one of the largest parts distributors in the world.
  • Thousands of FAA-approved line items, rotable components and modification kits, in stock and ready to ship.
  • Expert service and quick delivery around the world.
  • We’re here for you 7 days a week! Our normal office hours of support are 7AM – 6PM M-F and 6PM – 10PM for after hour AOG support. AOG weekend and holiday support is also available via cell phone from 7AM – 10PM on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. For support needs after 10PM, it’s suggested that you contact us on the next day because of logistics constraints.

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Western Aircraft Beechcraft Avionics Sales & Installation

  • We are authorized Beechcraft dealers for all major avionics and electronics manufacturers.
  • Full-time engineering staff ensures installations are done right and provide computer-generated drawings of your installation.
  • Complete CAD drawings are created for each job to aid installation and future work.
  • Garmin G1000 awarded STC for King Air all models.

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Western Aircraft Beechcraft Interiors & Cabin Entertainment

  • Maximize your downtime by scheduling a re-rag, cabinet work or cabin entertainment installations, along with inspections or other work.
  • Fabrication and installation of soft goods and cabinetry.
  • Increase your plane’s value and your passengers’ comfort with everything from seats & interiors to entertainment systems and sound dampening.

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For more information about our Beechcraft Parts, Beechcraft Avionics, Beechcraft Maintenance, and Beechcraft Interiors, please contact Western Aircraft.

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