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Western Aircraft FBO Airport Fuel

No one knows more about fueling aircraft in Boise than Western Aircraft. Our FBO Airport fuel services help some of the biggest names in the aviation industry. We are the leading fuel supplier for commercial airlines and private aircraft at Boise’s Gowen Field. Western Aircraft pumps over 18 million gallons annually.

FBO Airport Fuel a glance…

  • Western Aircraft is an AvFuel branded FBO honoring the AvFuel Commercial Contract Fuel Program as well as offering Bonus AvTrip Points (see link below)
  • We also honor a variety of additional contract fuel programs and accept all major aviation related and non-aviation related credit cards
  • Jet A, Jet A w/Prist®, and 100LL
  • AV Fuel
  • Military Fuel
  • Fuel quality compliant with ATA 103
  • 24 hour service available (Normal hours of operation: 6am – 11pm Monday through Friday and 6am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday)

Fuel customers receive up to $1.35 off per gallon their first visit to Western Aircraft!


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