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WestAir Charter FAQ — Air Charter Service

Q. How can I receive a quote and book a charter flight?
A. Call our toll free number: (888) 511-5004, or email: charter@westair.com at any time. Or visit our Request a Quote page online.

Q. What does aircraft charter mean?
A. Chartering an aircraft means that you rent the aircraft and pilot and specify where and when you want to go.

Q. Where do you fly?
A. We can fly to any one of approximately 5,000 airports in the United States instead of being restricted to the 500 airports served by the scheduled airlines. We can also fly to Alaska, Canada and Mexico.

Q. What is Price Pledge?
A. What this means for our clients is that there is no guesswork, and no uncertainty when it comes to reviewing our charter quotes. The Price Pledge guarantees that we will never bill our clients for more than originally quoted.

Q. What type of aircraft do you fly?
A. We fly exclusively late model Pilatus PC-12s. This Swiss built turboprop flies nearly as fast and as high and carries more load a longer distance than the small private jets. The PC-12 air charter service operates into much shorter runways and is much more economical to operate than a jet. Thus, you pay less and often land at a smaller airport closer to your final destination.

Q. What is the passenger seating and baggage capacity of the PC-12?
A. First class seating is available for up to 9 passengers. Besides normal baggage, we can carry additional items such as golf bags, hunting and fishing equipment, bikes, kayaks, skis, etc. All baggage is accessible in flight.

Q. Are pets allowed on your charter aircraft?
A. Yes, we encourage passengers to include their pets when they travel on our aircraft. Kennels may be used, but they are not required.

Q. Will there be other passengers on my charter flight?
A. No, you have exclusive use and control of the aircraft for the duration of the charter flight. You choose who will be flying with you and you have complete privacy and security during the entire flight.

Q. Do you serve food and beverages on your charter flights?
A. Soft drinks, bottled water and snacks are provided on all flights at no charge. Any type of special catering can be provided with prior arrangements for an additional fee.

Q. How are WestAir Charter pilots selected and trained?
A. All pilots must hold an Airline Transport Certificate, attend initial PC-12 training at SIMCOM, receive additional 2 weeks of initial training at Western Aircraft, take an FAA check ride every 6 months, and receive recurrent SIMCOM training every 12 months.

Q. Is a single engine aircraft safe?
A. Yes, and in most cases a single turbine engine aircraft is safer than a twin, or multi-engine aircraft. Today, the reliability of modern turbine engines is so high that an engine malfunction is rarely the primary contributor to an accident or incident. According to an NTSB report, when engines do fail, serious injury or death is four times more likely to occur in a multi-engine aircraft than in a single. This is because single-engine aircraft typically have a higher glide ratio and can land at slower speeds.

Q. Isn’t flying commercial much cheaper and faster?
A. It is true that once you’re on your way in an airliner you are moving fast. But the increased productivity from being able to arrive in airports much closer to your final destination, and to be able to depart on your schedule not the airlines schedule, is only gained by chartering. Inconvenient airlines schedules, delays, and cancellations cause additional travel expenses that aren’t incurred when chartering, such as overnight hotel stays, rental cars, or overpriced last minute ticket purchases.

When you factor in the time and productivity you gain by traveling on your own terms, the cost seems much more reasonable. Additionally, the operating costs of a PC-12 are much lower than other comparable twin or multi-engine jets, resulting in lower costs for our customers.


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