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Why Aircraft Management

You buy an aircraft to improve your productivity and flexibility. But keeping your aircraft safe and legal can be complex and confusing, with changing FAA regulations, airworthiness directives and service bulletins. Instead of focusing your time and resources on managing your aircraft, let Western Aircraft handle these responsibilities with our aircraft management services.

Proven Track Record
WestAir Charter began aircraft management with one Pilatus PC-12 in December 2001. Since then, the program has grown and logged over 26,000 hours of incident/accident-free operation. Our record of successful aircraft management and maintenance make us the perfect fit to manage your aircraft.

Simplified Ownership
You are able to maintain full control of your aircraft, while allowing our team to manage all of the tedious, time-consuming details.

Revenue Opportunities
WestAir Charter has also tailored a Charter Management program for several aircraft owners, which allows their aircraft to be utilized for charter flights on WestAir Charter’s Certificate. This allows aircraft owners to realize revenues from charter flight hours flown during times when the aircraft would otherwise be unused.

Lower Operating Costs
Operating costs are reduced, safety is improved, and your aircraft is maintained by an experienced facility.

Aircraft Management Services:

  • Maintenance
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Operation
  • Fuel purchases
  • Secure Hangar space
  • Tracking of flight hours
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Pilot and technician selection and training
  • 24/7 dispatch
  • Access to our internet pilot/aircraft scheduling system
  • Special Requests
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Concierge Service
  • Consulting

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