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Serving Boise, Sun Valley, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Reno, Portland, Sacramento, Jackson Hole, Las Vegas, McCall...The Western U.S.

With charter aircraft based in Boise, Idaho, Portland and Seattle, WestAir Charter offers you freedom, comfort and flexibility that no commercial airline can match. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, WestAir Charter's private flights are a safe, cost-effective alternative that helps you make the most of your work or vacation time.

  • Travel faster, with greater freedom, in uncompromised privacy and luxury.
  • Exclusive fleet of only late model Pilatus PC-12's--known for their safety and comfort--capable of accommodating up to 9 passengers and cargo which can include golf clubs, motorcycles, kayaks and more.
  • Significantly lower hourly rate than comparable jet aircraft charters.
  • Service to over 5000 airports in the United States, Mexico and Canada, including shorter strips in hard-to-get-to locations.
  • Proven safety record: we have operated turbine aircraft for over 10 years (over 20,000 hours) without any incidents, accidents, or flight violations.
  • Maintained dispatch reliability of 99.7%.
  • 24/7 callout schedule to meet demanding, 2-hour “ready to fly” needs.
WestAir Charter is the ideal transportation for a variety of trips:
  • All-inclusive golf packages to Idaho and the West
  • Private Ski Trips to resorts such as Sun Valley, Tamarack, Park City, and Jackson Hole
  • Fishing/Hunting Trips
  • Romantic escapes
  • Honeymoon/Wedding Trips
  • Golf trips to Bandon, Sun Valley, and Bend
  • Business Trips

WestAir charter specializes in the Pilatus PC-12, however, we can accommodate any of your traveling needs, anything from a small Cessna to a Gulfstream G550. If you are looking for something other than a PC-12, click here . To reserve or inquire about a WestAir Charter, please call our toll free number: 888-511-5004, or email: charter@westair.com at any time,or visit our Request a Quote page.