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Western Aircraft Avionics Upgrades & Installations

Western Aircraft is FAA-certified to install and repair the full spectrum of avionics systems including radar and autopilot. We are dedicated to giving the aviation the industry the very best in avionics upgrades and installations. Our expert avionics team is confident we have the installations and upgrades your company needs to maximize productivity. Western Aircraft is proud to offer our aviation services to Beechcraft/KingAir, Cessna, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Kodiak, Piaggio, Pilatus and Piper.

Our highly-trained staff installs a wide variety of avionics upgrades packages, including:

  • ADS-B
  • FANS
  • EFIS
  • TCAS
  • TAWS
  • RVSM
  • Broadband
  • Wi-Fi
  • Weather avoidance systems
  • 3-D synthetic vision systems
  • Airborne satellite telephones
  • Cabin entertainment video/audio systems
  • Radar

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