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Western Aircraft provides the aviation industry with the very best in avionics. Our staff is experienced with an unmatched attention to detail. Western Aircraft is confident we have the avionics that fulfills your company’s needs. We offer experience, superior customer service, and timely delivery for all avionics services. Western Aircraft is proud to serve Beechcraft/KingAir, Cessna, Challenger, Falcon, Hawker, Kodiak, Piaggio, Pilatus and Piper. Get to know the Western Aircraft sales team below.

Walt Marcy
Avionics Sales Manager / Business Development
P (208) 338-1876 | F (208) 338-1887
Rick Blanton - Avionics Sales - Aviation Services - Western Aircraft Rick Blanton
Avionics Integration Specialist
P (208) 338-1817 | F (208) 338-1870
Craig Donlan - Avionics Sales - Aviation Services - Western Aircraft Craig Donlan
Avionics Sales Area Manager
P (208) 385-5113 | F (208) 338-1830

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