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The Pilatus PC-24 is the world’s first and only Super Versatile Jet. It combines the practicality of a Turboprop with the cabin size of a Medium Light Jet and the performance of a Light Jet.

Its flexible interior and generous cargo door make loading fast and easy. The PC-24 is designed to operate from short, paved and even unpaved surfaces, giving pilots access to more than 21,000 airports worldwide. That’s why the PC-24 is a Super Versatile Jet: more runways, more space, more possibilities.

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After placing an order for a new PC-24, you and your salesperson will work with a Project Manager at Pilatus. Together, you’ll help design a one-of-a-kind aircraft that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Ultimately it’s your dream, and we at Western Aircraft are here to help you fulfill it.
For more information on the Pilatus PC-24, please contact our sales staff at (208) 385-5155 or email questions to acsales@westair.com.

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